How Wholesale Nurseries Can Take Advantage Of STOCKOSORB® 660 Hydrogel Technology

Years of drought and rising water prices make managing a wholesale nursery a challenge for even the most experienced growers. However, STOCKOSORB® 660 hydrogel technology has proven to be an innovative solution. In the same way, you hit the brakes to reduce the forward motion of your car, you can add STOCKOSORB® 660 to the soil to slow the downward motion of both water and nutrients in the soil of a container so it acts as a water reservoir holding and providing moisture to plant roots. As a result, wholesale nurseries can experience reduced water use, increased in-container growth, longer shelf life, and minimized transplant shock.

The Benefits of Hydrogel Technology For Wholesale Nurseries

STOCKOSORB® 660 Hydrogel makes a critical difference in containing overhead costs during production of trees, shrubs, and slow-growing nursery plants. As a potassium polyacrylate polymer, the unique formulation of STOCKOSORB® 660 Hydrogel gives it an advantage that other hydrogels don’t offer— losing its ability to store water when it comes into contact with salts from fertilizers. STOCKOSORB® 660 Hydrogel persists in the potting mix for every plant until it is ready for sale. As a result, for wholesale nurseries, this means STOCKOSORB® 660 can expect the following benefits:

  • A cost-effective way to maximize water and nutrient resources in container mixes, soils, and soilless media. STOCKOSORB® 660 can absorb, for release back to the plant, up to 300 times its weight in water!
  • Decrease fertilizer use by up to 30% without affecting plant quality while also reducing fertilizer leachate.
  • Extended plant shelf life by preventing dry conditions and repeating the process of storing water that can expand when exposed to irrigation or rain again.
  • Prevent wilting from water stress. It will make sure nutrients stay in the zone where plant roots can find them.
  • Reduced shrink enables wholesale nurseries to sell more plants and realize a higher gross revenue.

Frequently Asked Questions About How to Use Hydrogel for Plants

How does STOCKOSORB® 660 benefit my plants?

STOCKOSORB® 660 improves the survivability of plants, at both the wholesale nursery and retail garden centers. It promotes plant and root development. And it extends the shelf life of plants, which leads to increased sales.

How can this product reduce the use of fertilizer?

Since STOCKOSORB® 660 is a potassium cross linked polyacrylate super absorbent polymer, it absorbs water and nutrients that are then made plant-available. Some nurseries are saving up to 30% on their cost of CRFs.

How much can I save on my water bill?

Growers can expect to save anywhere from 10% to 40% on their water bills. They can also save on labor-related costs of watering plants both in the nursery and also at the retail garden center. That’s because STOCKOSORB® 660 extends the intervals between watering cycles.

What rate and particle size should we blend STOCKOSORB® 660 in our container mix?

Generally, we will recommend 2 to 4 lbs per cubic yard of mix, and the particle size can be either medium or XL. These need to be discussed with your STOCKOSORB® 660 representative to assure the proper rate and particle size match up to your operation. Different soil mixes will require different rates and particle sizes.

What sizes of STOCKOSORB® 660 are available?

STOCKOSORB® 660 comes in the right size for every growing operation:

  • Powder – Generally used for seed coating, root dipping, ect.
  • Micro – Propagation mixes, other growing medium that require small crystals.
  • Medium – Ideal for most greenhouse and nursery operations.
  • XL – Ideal for row planting.

Has there been any third-party testing of STOCKOSORB® hydrogels?

In a North Carolina State University trial, STOCKOSORB® hydrogels successfully extended the time between watering before wilt conditions in container-grown coleus and vinca. Both genera withstood dry conditions better with STOCKOSORB® hydrogel treatments. The plants had a 10-hour extension between saturation and Stage 1 wilt compared to the untreated controls. This equates to almost an entire extra day’s worth of protection at retail.

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