Providing a Healthy Foundation

Green Solutions LLC is serving customers globally to provide solutions to areas of the world that are losing access to adequate amounts of water to ensure food security.

Green Solutions LLC serves the global agriculture and horticulture communities.

Formed in 2006, Green Solutions LLC provides products to the agriculture community of food crops, animal feed crops, indoor farming, Forestry for reforestation efforts, land restoration, sand dunes restoration, Landscape installations etc.

Green Solutions LLC is working with its customers for a more sustainable future in all areas of crop, plant, tree and planet sustainability.

We are working with small mom and pop companies to multinational conglomerates to provide solutions to growing problems.


Products & Markets

Green Solutions LLC is a soil solutions company serving customers across the globe in Agriculture, Horticulture, Forestry, Landscape including dune and prairie restoration and the turf industry.

We are the global distributor for Evonik Super Absorbers LLC and Gmbh, for the agricultural hydrogel, Stockosorb®660.

We are the North American distribution outlet, partnering with Ignimbrite Minerals Inc, as the distributor to professional markets for their Volcanic ash product, MontanaGrow, a volcanic ash ancient deposit of Silicon rich volcanic ash.

We work with SNF to promote dust control products for construction sites, gravel and dirt roads, erosion control in row crop plantings, hydroseed applications, surfactants, anti drift products for spraying with ground rigs and airplane pesticide applications.

Green Solutions LLC is the parent company of Green Solutions Ag Ltd, serving the EU, Africa and parts of Asia, and Greener Solutions International, serving North and South America as well as parts of Asia and Oceania.


Why Choose Us

Healthy Plants from Production to Planting

Transparency & Sustainability

Green Solutions LLC believes in transparency and sustainability among growers, farmers, landscapers, forestry professionals, distributors and consumers.

Knowledgeable Support

We guide our customers so they can get the most out of their growing media, grow their business, embrace technology and increase profitability. We offer knowledgeable and expert consulting to ensure your success from the ground up, and we value efficiency, promising quick and accurate order fulfillment from one of our strategically placed warehouses.

Continuous Growth

A member of AmericanHort and the Mulch & Soil Council, Green Solutions LLC is committed to upholding industry standards and staying ahead of our dynamic and evolving growing technology.


Long-Term Solutions

Beyond offering the best products in soil solutions, we work with our partners to provide immediate and long-term solutions that help maintain their profitability and confidence in Green Solutions LLC.

Committed to bringing sustainable products to market to ensure your growing success

Ready to Grow Together?

As Green Solutions LLC grows, we are evaluating products that would complement our current offerings and become staple products for our customers. Look for exciting additions to our product distribution line in the coming year!

We invite you to contact us to learn more about how Green Solutions LLC can save you time and money and elevate the way you grow. Look for exciting additions to our product distribution line year in and year out.