Catering to various aspects of agriculture, including grains, food crops, feed crops, fiber crops, and oil crops, supporting sustainable farming practices.


Specializing in horticultural services such as floriculture, foliage plants, the nursery industry, and landscape horticulture, enhancing green spaces and gardens with thriving flora.

Seed Treatment

Offering an innovative polymer-based seed treatment accelerating germination, boosting yields, and shielding seeds from pests, particularly beneficial for high-value seeds, ensuring robust germination rates.

Wholesale Greenhouse

Collaborating with large-scale greenhouses, customizing soil blends to alleviate plant stress during replanting and enhance shelf-life, ensuring healthier plants for the retail market.

Wholesale Nurseries

Partnering with expansive nurseries, integrating controlled-release fertilizers, including SAPs, into soil mixes, optimizing nutritional programs to achieve substantial savings while promoting plant health.

Soil Blenders

Providing soil blending services with tailored recipes incorporating SAPs like Stockosorb, reducing water requirements for growers of all sizes, fostering the cultivation of premium plants and produce sustainably.